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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Are you ready for Christmas?

Here are some of my Christmas sessions!!! I love them all so much and I swear I get to meet and photograph some of the sweetest people!! If I ever have mean clients I will not know what to do! 

This isn't all of my sessions. I had a catastrophe at my house. We upgraded my operating system and my old photoshop WILL NOT work!! Ahhh so I had to buy the new one! Not really what I wanted to spend the $$ on right now but upgrading is inevitable. All that to say I have some other sessions to add when I get everything they way I like it again. 

Here are the Martins....

And, sweet Melissa. Is that a song?

And, the Vargas family :) You've seen this handsome little guy here before...

And, the Kerr family- new MDs in town- super awesome family who I'm hoping will come to Cottonwood one Sunday (hint hint)!

And, I have just ordered gift cards to be ready for Christmas gifts. You will get $1.25 on your card for every $1 you spend. So $20 gets you a $25 gift card, $40 gets you a $50 gift card, $60 gets you a $75 gift card and so on.