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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cory and Anna

Two really special people were married Saturday...Corey and Anna. We've known Cory since he was a little guy. He later became one of our youth at church which is where he met Anna and they both, now, live in New Orleans. 

Now this is kind of a dangerous post for me because I'm really trying not to do weddings but Anna just happened to have caught me at the right time, when I decided I might do a couple a year. 

One of the things I was super excited about having Corey and Anna do was write letters to each other about their feelings for each other on their wedding day.  They both whipped those letters out way faster than I could have so I was impressed! 

On their 1 year anniversary they will open the letters and be reminded of their "first love".

And, check out Pastor Hottie down there!!! Chance was so honored that they asked him to do their wedding. And, don't miss little Owen (the ring boy) who is covering his eyes so that he doesn't have to see the kiss. When we did the posed shot later he did the same thing!

And, I love Corey's goofy brother Casey...the 3rd groomsmen from the left. Casey was one of our youth as well. I don't know how this can be...that someone with a big wooley beard like that could have been in our youth group! (I mean because we can't be that old).