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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Wow, my poor, neglected blog needs a little attention! To start I'll give a little update on what's going on with us. We did finally close on our house, yippie!! We're trying out apartment life again and I think the kids are doing really well. There are lots of other kids around to play with so my little social bees are loving that! It looks like the Lord has picked out the perfect place for us in Morgan Mill for us to build. We'll have about a 30 minute drive to church (had to add that to make sure everyone knows we're still at Cottonwood) with no traffic which is really not bad in comparison to what some folks in the metroplex have to deal with. The kids are excited. Mackenzie is so confused with all this talk about moving and building things. Her latest interpretation is that we're going to be living in a tree house that "Daddy" is building.

With all that said business is still up and running. Here is the fist of some of my recent seniors; Hannah. Such a pretty girl, she wanted to go to the Fort Worth arts district for pictures to reflect her love of art. This was a fun shoot for me since I share her love of art. We ended up with some really unique shots.

Next, is my own little sister. She was in diapers when I graduated and I can't believe she's already 18! She did pretty good for a city girl walking through the snake infested tall grass. Maybe she's a country girl at heart. She's also a fabulous singer link below ;) And, I wish I had a shot of my youngest sister, Melissa. She was supposed to come down for the shoot and didn't make it :(

And, here is the stunning Miss Grace who has some crazy drill team skills. I just realized I didn't prepare a jumping shot for the web but we got some cool mid-air poses!

Next, Miss Tina another brown-eyed girl! Love those pretty brown eyes. We had a fun shoot, played with glitter, and I found a new location. I love, love, love, these two shots!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year!!

What were your new year's resolutions? I'm so stinking indecisive! I never really came up with a great one. Maybe something about being better organized and a better planner. I'm off to a good start so far. After sitting around the house for the most part of 2 weeks I did get a few things organized like tackling Brianna's craft cabinet!! OOoh that's so scary!

In the last post I mentioned that I had to fork over the cash and buy Photoshop CS5. I think I'm close to having everything back to the way I want it. I've been looking through sessions to add to the blog and I missed some of my favorite sessions!!

And, my sweet Alexis turned 5! She is such a blessing and encouragement to me!! She tells me the sweetest things like I'm "the best Mamma in the world, the most beautiful Mama in the world". I'm so thankful for her. She is crazy crazy about horses so I thought she deserved none other than a Cowgirl party for her birthday. I molded a pretty pathetic cowgirl and horse to put on the top of the cake with a little fire made out of marshmallows and some kind of cracker sticks. It was super cold outside and we live in town so instead of roasting marshmallows by the campfire I made chocolate dipped marshmallows on pretzel sticks. My mom hooked us up with a gas camp fire which I thought was pretty cool!

Sorry Lucy, no partying for you until you learn not to knock over little kids :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Are you ready for Christmas?

Here are some of my Christmas sessions!!! I love them all so much and I swear I get to meet and photograph some of the sweetest people!! If I ever have mean clients I will not know what to do! 

This isn't all of my sessions. I had a catastrophe at my house. We upgraded my operating system and my old photoshop WILL NOT work!! Ahhh so I had to buy the new one! Not really what I wanted to spend the $$ on right now but upgrading is inevitable. All that to say I have some other sessions to add when I get everything they way I like it again. 

Here are the Martins....

And, sweet Melissa. Is that a song?

And, the Vargas family :) You've seen this handsome little guy here before...

And, the Kerr family- new MDs in town- super awesome family who I'm hoping will come to Cottonwood one Sunday (hint hint)!

And, I have just ordered gift cards to be ready for Christmas gifts. You will get $1.25 on your card for every $1 you spend. So $20 gets you a $25 gift card, $40 gets you a $50 gift card, $60 gets you a $75 gift card and so on.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

DIY Fabric Floral Headband

I've been feeling crafty lately. I think its because we're trying to sell the house so that means no redecorating and I guess that I must have some creative outlet. Thanks to Pinterest I got an idea to try and make fabric flower headbands for my 3 girls. These will also make great photography props! I found a tutorial on Pinterest but ended up doing it my own way. Here are the pictures before I give the instructions.

To start with I went to Wal-mart to buy fabric (pretty much the only place to pick from in Stephenville). I first, asked if I could buy less than a yard and the lady said I could buy 2 inches! I went to grab all the reels of satin fabric I wanted...lots of different colors. I think I got 1/4 of a yard of each and about 6 different colors all for under $4.

To start you need to cut your fabric in 1 inch strips and the length depends on how big you want the rose to be. I started with a 1 inch strip the whole width of the fabric and then started using half. The Pinterest tutorial said to use fabric glue but that ended up making my fingers so sticky I couldn't work fast enough so I started using thread. I began by tying the end of the strip in a knot and then begin to twist and wrap the fabric around the knot. I definitely did not perfect this step! Something like twist, wrap glue, stitch and repeat until you get to the end. You then take the piece of fabric left on the end and either sew or glue it to the back to hold everything together. I think the glue option probably holds everything together better in the long run.

Next, for my headbands I did groupings of three colors and sewed 3 or 4 pearls (that Brianna had handy in her craft cabinet) in the center of the rose. I used fabric headbands found at Hobby Lobby. I needed a circle of felt on which to hot glue the flowers. I found an object that looked to be the right size, traced, and cut. To figure out how big of a felt circle you need group your flowers together. You need the circle to be as big as possible without being bigger than the grouping (so it doesn't show). Okay, you need your hot glue gun ready for this...take the circle of felt and glue it to the underside of the headband (where you want your flowers to be). Press and let dry. Then turn it over and you will hot glue your three flowers to the top of the headband onto felt and headband. These should be super sturdy after they dry. Something about hot glue and fabric.You can also use these for a corsage. Just leave out the headband and glue the flowers directly onto the felt. When it dries glue a corsage pin to the back and presto!

Friday, November 11, 2011

2011 Christmas Cards

For those of you who are awaiting your Christmas pictures or had pictures done this year and need Christmas cards, I just purchased new 2011 templates. I also have some older templates I can show you if you let me know. Here are the new ones!

And, here are the Cowans. LOVE the wardrobe!!

And next, a couple of almost new baby boys...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vintage Inspiration

This summer I was looking at these old dresses of mine in the back of the closet and I noticed that there were three in different sizes and it looked like they were just the right sizes for my three girls. My photographer/mommy brain immediately knows I will need a picture of the girls in these dressed and I'll need to somehow incorporate Samuel. I knew I would have to particularly get a shot of Mackenzie in the smallest dress because I have a huge 1970's photo of me in the dress. When we ask her who that is in the photo she says "that's Kenzie". I would probably style almost all my shoots vintage if it were up to me :)

Also, I had to try out a new prop I bought. I found a chair on Craigslist for $25 but the fabric was a floral print that wouldn't have photographed so well. I saw a pin on Pinterest about how to paint a fabric chair rather than reupholster. Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about! You start by spraying the fabric down with a water bottle and painting with a flat paint and then painting. (It would have been much faster to just water down some of the paint to start with). That layer is like a primer, then you do a second coat. As far as the texture and quality it came out perfect, HOWEVER, the color I hoped would be cranberry turned out hot pink!! I was bummed because I knew if I painted over it I  would loose the I had to do it again. It worked out fine for a prop but maybe next time I'll be more fortunate in the outcome of my color selection.

Here are my favorite people in the WHOLE world.....

Monday, August 29, 2011

Potty Training 101

I can't believe summer is over and its already time for the kids to start school!! The kids have all learned to do so many new things Samuel has grown like a weed and learned to help his Dad cut tile (supposed to be a really safe saw according to Chance), Brianna had a birthday, Alexis ditched her booster seat, and Mackenzie was finally potty trained this summer!!! That marks the end of almost 9 years of having a kid in diapers; at times we had 2 in diapers.

Looking back on the first time potty training I can remember not having a clue where to start so for all you first timers or mom's who just want tips I'm going to share what worked for us. First of all you'll want to decide what kind of potty you want to use. Those little ones that sit on the floor are great because the toddler can be more independent but the pottys can get pretty gross! The ones that fit over your toilet are less work when it comes to clean up but you'll have to be ready to help them up and down every time depending on your child's agility. Second, you'll want to have some rewards on hand when your child reaches the goal. You can give your child a sticker, an M&M, make up a potty dance, you name it. Just make it fun, fun, and positive. Praise, praise, praise, your child when he or she does go on the potty. Whatever you decide make sure its something you can keep giving he or she several times a day. That's why I use 1 M&M and we do a silly potty song that we made up. 

You can start with putting them on the potty when they wake up, before bath, and before bed. It may take several attempts at putting them on the potty before anything happens but don't be discouraged! They are still learning things you might not realize like pulling their pants up and down, how to climb onto the potty (depending on age), how to flush. Try this routing of putting your child on the potty 2-3 times a day for a week or so. If your child does not go at all during this time or it just seems to be a crazy time for the family drop it...wait a few weeks..and try again. If your little guy or gal does 
go on the potty its time for the next step.

Once your child has proved several times he or she can go on the potty (it doesn't have to be consistent) find a week when you or a caretaker can be home with the child most of the time. (We did this with Mackenzie during a slow summer week.) Now, its time for training pants. You know, those underwear that are thicker than normal ones. The point of this is so that when your child has an accident he or she will sense a consequence. He or she will hear "uh oh", feel wet, and maybe make a puddle (hopefully not). You it to get your child's attention when he or she has an accident but you don't want a mess or to ruin your home so you might even stuff a cloth diaper into the training pants to absorb a bit more. 

Once your kiddo is sporting the training pants start putting your child on the potty every 15-30 minutes.  I always turn on the water because that helps. You may notice your child won't sit long enough to let anything happen. This is the time for a book or even a toy to entertain your tot while sitting a little longer. When you have success do the praise routine mentioned before. If he or she doesn't have success praise them for how well he or she climbed on the potty, flushed, or some other part of the new routine.

You will probably notice your child becomes more and more consistent. You may also have some set backs but don't give up! It will happen. You may want to put your child in a pull-up at night until the pull-up is consistently dry in the mornings. Some children can take quite a while to develop the ability to stay dry at night so don't rush that part.

If you have anything helpful to add feel free to comment!! Here's my Mackenzie on her potty...

And, my little man learning to cut tile.

Also, I have posted this lots of places and you may be tired of seeing it but we have our house for sale. We have a contract on some land not far out of town and will rent for a while with plans to build if God allows the house to sell. If you know anyone interested we would really appreciate you sharing :) Here's the house blog...